Why Waterproof Your Shower with a Schluter Shower System

When it comes time to redesigning the bathrooms in your home, there are many things that you may want to have renovated. Some of the more common areas that homeowners like to focus on in the bathroom remodeling process are new sink countertops, tile floors, modern bathroom fixtures, and full new showers. It’s that last area I’d like to discuss, because often too much of the focus in a shower redesign is on aesthetics instead of long-term durability. Now, that’s not to say that your style choice is not a big part of the process. Clearly, when you decide to renovate your shower, you want the finished product to reflect a style that you love. But a good Tampa Bay bathroom remodeling contractorwill also make sure to install a new shower that will repel any possible moisture damage for a long time. That’s why I long-ago decided to use the Schluter Shower System on my shower renovation projects.

What is a Schluter Shower System?

To quote the Schluter company itself, the Schluter Shower System is “an integrated family of products which together create a fully waterproof and vapor tight enclosure in tiled showers, steam showers, and bathtub surrounds.” It is, quite simply, a well-thought-out way for a Tampa Bay bathroom remodeling contractor to design and install a shower that significantly reduces the chances of future leaks, while still allowing you to get the beautiful, modern shower of your dreams. Part of the reason for this comes from the high-tech Schluter-KERDI waterproof membrane, which is designed to bond directly to the mortar bed to protect it from getting saturated and damaged. It also provides the same type of protection to your shower walls, acting to actually fully waterproof your entire shower. This advanced approach to waterproofing is what made me start installing the Schluter Shower System in the first place. And since I started, I have never looked back!

Benefits of the Schluter Shower System

I already brought up the biggest benefit of the Schluter Shower System, which is the added layer of waterproofing it provides by protecting the moisture-sensitive construction materials that lie beneath your shower. But not only will this create a more durable and long-lasting new shower, it will also result in a shower that is more resistant to mold. And we all know just how unhealthy mold can be! Another major benefit of having your Tampa Bay bathroom remodeling contractor install a Schluter shower in your home is the fact that this system has been designed to reduce installation time. And you know what reduced installation time means? It means less cost to you, the homeowner. Plus, I also love the fact that Schluter stands behind their product by offering a 10 year guarantee against any moisture damage!

To learn more about having your shower renovated by a Tampa Bay bathroom remodeling contractor that’s been certified by Schluter themselves, please contact Jack O’ Trades here.