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When homeowners decide to remodel their residences, one of the most common areas they focus on is flooring. Years ago, this usually meant ripping up old, worn carpet and replacing it with new carpet. Then, tile and wood began to come into style, creating a much cleaner look and feel throughout the home. But recently, you may have noticed a ton of your friends having their Tampa Bay laminate flooring contractor replace their old floors with laminate flooring. But why did they decide to go with this new substance, and should you follow their lead? Here are some benefits that may make the explosion of laminate flooring’s popularity a bit clearer.


Laminate floors were specifically designed to be versatile, and that’s exactly what they are. These high density fiber tiles can do the job in basically any room in your home, and do it well. For example, certain real wood floors may not be a good fit in kitchens and bathrooms because of the high probability of them getting wet. That’s why many homeowners who want to go with a wood look choose to have their Tampa Bay laminate flooring contractor install faux wood laminate floors in these rooms. This will also allow you the versatility of installing the exact same flooring in every room in your home if you so desire, creating a uniform, modern look that a lot of people crave.


Another great benefit of laminate flooring is that it can handle almost anything you can dish out. These floors are very difficult to scratch or scuff, which explains why they are so popular with your friends who have pets or young children. This durability also makes them a great choice for areas with high foot traffic, such as your living room and hallways. They are also extremely easy to maintain and clean with a vacuum and a simple mop, saving you tons of time when cleaning your home.

Limitless Style Choices

Maybe the best thing about laminate flooring is the sheer amount of style choices and options it will give you. The reason this is possible is that these tiles are actually printed with basically any pattern or color you could imagine. The most popular style of laminate flooring is faux wood, so if there is a particular type or shade of wood floor you dream of having in your home, you can almost certainly recreate that look with laminate. These laminate floors also come in multiple sizes, allowing you to even create a “wood boards” look if that’s what you desire. And if you don’t want to go with a wood look, you can find laminate floors styled after all types of other popular home flooring materials like stone.


No matter who you are, cost is a factor when it comes to remodeling your home. Simply put, price is one of the main reasons that a lot of your friends have chosen to go with laminate flooring. For example, having faux wood laminate floors installed in your home can often cost over 50% less than real wood flooring. This is because of two reasons. One, the laminate materials are less costly than real wood. And two, the installation is a lot less labor intensive. In fact, laminate floors can often be installed in only one day (depending on the size of your home), which gives you the added benefit of shortening your home remodeling project significantly, saving you some hassle.

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