Want Your Rectified Travertine Tile to Look Great? The Contractor is Key

Poor installation of rectified travertine tile

There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money to buy a product, then receiving it and finding out it’s not up to the standards that you expected. And when you are talking about a home remodeling service such as a new rectified travertine tile floor, that experience becomes even more painful. But how can you avoid becoming the victim of a bad tile rectified travertine installation in your home? It all starts with the skills of the Tampa Bay tile contractor who you choose to do this difficult job.

What is Rectified Tile?

If you have never heard the term “rectified tile” before, the simplest way to describe it is tile with a perfectly straight, crisp, 90 degree edge. The tile is made this way through a mechanical process that ensures consistency from one tile to the next, which results in some major advantages over non-rectified tile, which isn’t perfectly uniform. One of the biggest advantages of this consistency is that if you choose an experienced Tampa Bay tile contractor who works well with rectified tile, the perfectly straight edges will allow them to perform your installation with almost no grout, giving your floor a modern, polished look that most homeowners prefer.

Is All Travertine Tile the Same?

Travertine is a great tile type for almost any home. It is extremely durable, comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and will last a long time. But just like with most of home flooring materials, the quality of travertine tiles vary significantly. In essence, there are 3 grades of travertine tile. The “Premium Grade” is the highest quality. In general, premium travertine tiles have the most consistent and extensive colors, are less porous, and have the smoothest and straightest edges. The next level of travertine tile, the “Standard Grade,” may have less color and size consistency, but is still of a good quality. And the bottom level is the “Commercial Grade,” which has inconsistent colors and oftentimes small holes that weaken the tile.

How Should Rectified Travertine Tile Be Installed?

There are two major ways that a Tampa Bay tile contractor may install your travertine floor. You may think that it doesn’t matter, but the differences between a “mud set” and “thinset” application are huge. In almost every case, the mud set application is the better way to go in order to get the best finished product for your home. That’s because a mud set application is the only way to be sure your travertine tile floor will be even, completely flat, and water proof, which is obviously extremely important in Florida. But mud set installation may be a bit more costly than a thinset one, so make sure you ask your contractor how they are planning to do the installation when they give you an estimate on having rectified travertine tile installed in your home.

What Could Happen if Your Tampa Bay Tile Contractor Does a Sub-Par Job?

Achieving a perfect installation of rectified tile is no easy feat. And the average tile installer is not trained in the correct method of installing rectified tile. That’s why it is very important that you make sure you are hiring a Tampa Bay tile contractor that has experience with your type of install. If you don’t, you may wind up with a new floor that’s full of uneven edges that stick up, is not flat, and just plain looks terrible. And you definitely don’t want that when you are paying for a sparkling new floor.

If you are interested in talking to an experienced Tampa Bay tile contractor to learn more about getting rectified travertine tile installed in your home, please contact Jack O’ Trades here.