The Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2013

Each year, thousands of kitchens are remodeled all across the United States. And each year, the products, themes, and styles that homeowners want put into their new kitchen design change in many ways. That’s because just like with any other industry, new kitchen remodeling trends emerge all the time, incorporating both changing tastes and changing technology. This year was no different. So if you are thinking about having your kitchen redesigned by a high-level Tampa Bay kitchen remodeling contractor in the near future, you may want to take a look at these 5 kitchen remodeling trends of 2013 to see which ones interest you:

1. Quartz Countertops. While granite is still the most popular kitchen countertop option in the United States, quartz has gained a huge amount in popularity throughout 2013. These countertops are in a similar price range to granite and offer some definite advantages. The biggest of these advantages is that quartz countertops are less porous than granite, which results in less maintenance. Because of their non-porous nature, these countertops are incredibly durable, difficult to chip or scratch, and almost impossible to stain. They also come in a ton of colors and finishes to meet almost every design taste.

2. White Cabinets. While wood-colored cabinets are still a great standby, 2013 has been the year of white. A major reason for this is that white cabinets can fit basically any color scheme you choose to go with in your kitchen redesign. They are also a great neutral option if you only want to change out your cabinets, as white will almost certainly fit in with the rest of your kitchen. The only negative to white cabinets is that they are worse when it comes to showing stains, but they can be touched up when necessary.

3. Hardwood Floors. It used to be that most people chose to go with tile for their kitchen floor. But one of the most popular kitchen remodeling trends of 2013 is a shift toward wood floors. They look great, are easy to clean, and can give your kitchen a warm feel. But be careful, because some woods don’t handle liquid very well. In fact, you may even want to consider engineered wood or wood laminate as an alternative to natural hardwood if this is something you are worried about.

4. Kitchen Islands. One of the most common things a client will invariably say to their Tampa Bay kitchen remodeling contractor during the design process is “I want more space in my kitchen.” That’s one of the great advantages of the kitchen island, and one of the main reasons it’s a top kitchen remodeling trend of 2013. They can be used for multiple purposes, including adding more storage space, adding more countertop space for food preparations, and even as a place to put your new, modern cooktop.

5. Hidden/Matching Appliances. Depending on your style preference, you may opt to go with the ultra-popular stainless steel appliances that have exploded onto the kitchen remodeling scene over the past decade. But in 2013, more and more people are turning to appliances that are either hidden or matching. An example of this may be a refrigerator with a faux veneer that matches the rest of your cabinets, making it fit into your overall kitchen design as opposed to calling attention to itself.

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