Should I Move to a New House or have a Tampa Bay Contractor Add a New Room?

Over the past decade, it has become more and more common for families to require additional space in their homes. It used to be that this became necessary after new additions to the family or in instances where an elderly relative needed care and had to move in. But nowadays, the current economic climate has resulted in children staying at home longer and even moving back in with their parents after college. When families face these scenarios, they often feel that their only option is to sell their home, buy a bigger house, and pack up and move. But there is another option that I think may be a better choice in a lot of cases. That option is to hire an experienced Tampa Bay contractor to plan and execute a room addition to your current place of residence.

Why Choose a Room Addition Over a New House?

Obviously, you as the homeowner must weigh your options when you are deciding whether to move your family to a different home or add a room onto your existing house. But if it were me, I would do all I could to avoid moving. For starters, moving is a major pain. There are not many things I dislike more than searching for a buyer for my home, finding a new house, timing it all out, then having to pack up and move my whole family. But that’s not nearly the only annoyance that comes with moving. There is also the fact that you have to leave behind the long-term neighbors that you are comfortable and friendly with, then meet a whole set of new neighbors that you know nothing about. And that’s not to mention leaving behind the local places you love such as your favorite restaurant and park, while also having to learn your way around a new area of town from scratch. Add to that the fact that a room addition actually adds value to your home, and adding a new room could very well be the best option for you and your growing family.

What Options do I have for My Room Addition?

Depending on the layout of your home, you may have multiple options when it comes to how you want to do your room addition. An experienced Tampa Bay contractor should be able help you determine which one is best for you. Here are a few of my favorite room addition options:

Standard Room Addition: Depending on the layout of your home, your best option may be to have your Tampa Bay contractor knock down a wall and add a new room right off the house, utilizing some of your lawn space. You can add a regular bedroom, or possibly even add the master bedroom of your dreams, complete with a new master bathroom. Then, your previous master bedroom could be used for another member of the family, which I think is especially perfect for an elderly relative who is moving in.

Attic Conversion: In many cases, you may be able to convert your attic into a bedroom. There could be some challenges, such as a lack of headroom space, a need to bring in more light, and building out a floor so it can support enough weight. But a Tampa Bay contractor who has done this type of job in the past should be able to tell you if an attic conversion to a bedroom is a good option in your home.

Two-Story Addition: To me, the most luxurious way to add a new room to your home is by building a second story. This does not take away from your lawn space, doesn’t change any of the things you love about your current house, and offers a ton of possibilities. For example, you can use the second story for a couple of small bedrooms and a playroom for the kids. Though if it were me, I would make the entire new second story a beautiful master suite complete with a bathroom, walk-in closet, and maybe even a little office area.

If you’d like to find out if you could avoid moving by having an experience Tampa Bay contractor add a new room to your home, please contact Jack O’ Trades here.