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Interior to exterior, remodeling to repairs – Jack O’ Trades has a team who can help. Please choose from below for a more detailed list of services. 

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Sometimes homeownership might require the tools or the time that you don’t have.  Our Honey-Do Lists and General Handyman Work (this might be better as “Services”) are a simple and time-efficient ways to cross items off your “to do” list.

Most projects are estimated and completed in the same day – you call and we show up to complete the work.  If you’re not ready to complete the work in the same day, we can also provide an estimate and return at a later date to complete the work.

Get back your free time and check the list below for a listing of our Honey-Do List and General Handyman Work/Services offered.

Honey-Do Lists & Handyman Services:
Interior & exterior painting

Tile installation & repair

Gutter cleaning

Trash hauling & debris removal

Caulking & sealing

Hardware replacement

Custom wood working

Crown moulding



Stucco installation & repair

Ceiling fans

A/C filters

Shower valve replacement

Drywall repairs & installation



Recess can lighting

Furniture assembly

Holiday light installation & removal

Light fixture installation & replacement

Low voltage lighting

Motion activated lighting

Dimmer switches

Lighting timers

Wireless 3-way switches

Stereo installation

Indoor & outdoor speaker installation

Flat panel TV installation

Washer / dryer hook up & installation

Appliance installation

Kitchen / Bath faucets & sinks

Shower caulking

Outdoor showers

Toilet installation

Irrigation repair

Replace old countertops

Drywall repair & refinishing

Tile backsplashes

Garage storage solutions


Cabinet adjustment

Pet door installation

Fix rubbing doors

Keyless door entry

Door installation:  interior & exterior

Closet door installation & repair

Replace window sills

Replace windows

Window blinds

Seamless gutter installation & repair

Hang paintings / mirrors

Porch replacement


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Although most of our time is spent inside our homes, it doesn’t mean the outside can’t be more functional as well.  Our Pavers, Decks, Fencing & Hardscapes can improve the visual appeal and functionality of your home’s exterior.

Pavers can be used to widen or replace driveways and allow for more parking that can cohesively transition into a paver walkway through your yard and to your doorstep.

While pavers are also an excellent choice to encompass a pool, decking can create a completely livable outdoor oasis.  We build custom outdoor kitchens with built in seating, pergolas to create shade, and simple decks just to bring you outdoors.  We can even create a waterfall to spread serenity outside your home and mitigate the noise of passing cars.
We can also keep it all enclosed with custom wood or PVC fencing.  Enhance privacy and ambiance while keeping your pets from straying and giving your children a secure and private yard to enjoy the weather in.

Invite us over to consult with you on how to bring the love for the inside of your home outside.

Pavers, Patios, Pool Decks, & Outdoor Living:
Paver patios, driveways, walkways & pool decks

Raised wood & composite decks

Pergola & shade structures

Outdoor showers

Outdoor speaker installation

Driveway expansion

Concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios & walks

Pool cage cleaning

Screen repair

Pressure treated fencing

PVC fencing

Custom fencing

Deck, fence & concrete staining

Paver cleaning & sealing

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Unfortunately, the spills, stains, and footprints on your carpeting may tell more of your family history than the photographs that adorn your walls.  We can replace your “historical” carpeting with plush, stain-resistant, wall-to-wall carpeting.  Even if you’ve had enough with vacuum cleaners and their knotting cords, we can switch your existing flooring to low maintenance tile or even install an upgrade with beautiful and timeless wood flooring.  We can even help with repairs and replacements for damaged areas to your flooring.

Whatever surface you choose to walk on, we can help you match it to your existing design and décor and install it with ease.

Flooring Services:
Tile repair, replacement & installation

Rectified travertine & marble





Hardwood Re-finishing

Terrazzo re-finishing & polishing

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Often time people find their functional living space dysfunctional for their needs.  We can help you transform the space you have into the space you need.  Whether you’re looking to fully remodel any room in your home or office or simply breathe new life into it with new countertops and backsplashes coupled with fresh coats of paint; we are equipped with the expertise and the ideas to get you loving where you live.

From minor home and office customizations to total renovations we can ensure that your remodel is completed on time and within your budget.

Remodeling, Home Customization & Consulting:
Kitchen & bath renovation services

Tub & tub surround replacement

Hardwood, laminate & tile flooring

Kitchen & bath faucets & sinks

Appliance replacements & installations

3D kitchen designing

Replace old countertops

Custom wood working

Crown molding & trim installations

Interior & exterior painting

Air conditioning 

New plumbing fixtures

New electrical fixtures


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Logan Steege, Owner, JackO'Trades Owner & President Logan Steege relocated to Tampa in 2003 to assist in a local start-up building 25 new homes in under two years. In 2005 Jack O’ Trades was launched. In 2010 he acquired a State Certified Residential Contractor license (CRC 1330291). Logan has an uncanny eye for detail and imaginative functionality. Jack O’ Trades is more than a contractor bidding and completing your job, we will share ideas with you, inspire design, and work with you to visualize and create the best use of your space. Logan continues to keep both hands on every project, but also offers you his eyes for aesthetics and ears for understanding your desires to make you love where you live.