Modern Floors: 3 New Flooring Trends to Consider in 2013

Here are 3 new flooring trends you should consider in 2013:

If you’ve decided to have a Tampa Bay flooring contractor renovate the floors in your home, the first step in the process is to decide on what type of flooring you want. For most homes, the best choices are wood, tile, and carpet. Which one you choose is sometimes an obvious choice, and sometimes takes a lot of thinking and planning. Some homeowners even decide to use different types floors in different rooms. For example, you often see homes with a tiled kitchen and bathrooms, and hardwood floors everywhere else. It is a matter of taste, and a final decision that only you, the homeowner, can truly make.

Once you have decided on the flooring type for each room in your home, the next major choice you must make is what style you want to go with. All wood floors are not the same. There are an infinite amount of tile patterns and materials to go with. Even carpet choices can be difficult. That’s why it is always important to keep your finger on the pulse of today’s flooring trends. That way, you will make a modern choice that you will love, and which will also add value to your home.

Reclaimed Wood Floors

With the increase in green awareness over the past few years has come a call for hardwood floors that do not require the chopping down of new trees. These “reclaimed” wood floors are not only great for the environment and cost-effective, but also one of the biggest flooring trends of 2013. The wood that they are made out of is, in essence, recycled from other uses. But don’t think your reclaimed wood floors are going to look shoddy once they’re installed. If selected and laid by a skilled Tampa Bay flooring contractor, these reclaimed floors will actually give your home the perfect warm, natural look. In fact, this look is so popular that people have even started to try to emulate this “distressed” look by using techniques that literally scrape new wood floors.

Large Format Tile

Forget renovating your floor with a bunch of little tiles. Today’s trendy floors are made up of less separate tiles, that are each larger in size. What is considered to be a large format tile starts in the 12” by 12” range, but in 2013, the bigger the better. That means that you could select tiles that are 24” by 24”, and even bigger! These larger tiles will leave your home with a more modern look, with the additional benefit of having much less grout for you to have to keep clean in comparison to standard sized tiles.

Patterned and Colored Carpets

It used to be that the main goal of choosing a carpet was to pick a design and color that left it almost unnoticeable. In 2013, that is no longer the case. Instead of a room’s carpet being considered a background piece, designers and homeowners have started to use it as more of a focal point by selecting carpets that have patterns and textures, and are not in completely neutral colors. The one downfall to this is that if you are not planning to remodel the entire room that you are installing your new carpeting in, you risk having it clash. But a keen eye from your flooring contractor can help alleviate this problem, leaving you with a beautiful new carpet that will make you smile.

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