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Even though they are used multiple times per day, bathrooms used to be the most hidden and forgotten room in the home. They existed to serve a practical purpose, and that’s how they were often treated from a design perspective. Drab, sterile, and oftentimes ugly, bathrooms were just simply not shown off at all. But over the past decade, things have changed. Homeowners realized that, just like any other room in their house, having a bathroom that fits their taste will create a more enjoyable and comfortable living experience. And one of the best ways to do this is by having a Tampa Bay tile contractor replace your old, stained bathroom tile with a more modern, trendy look.

So if you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, here are some of today’s best modern bathroom tile styles that may give you some ideas on what direction you’d like to go in:

Faux Wood and Stone

Nowadays, many people are turning to faux wood and stone tile for their bathroom floors and walls. This look is ultra-modern, but still incorporates a lot of the warmth that people like in their homes. Normally made out of a ceramic material such as porcelain, these faux wood and stone tiles are available in many shapes, styles, and color shades to fit the look you want, even sometimes acting to create a “spa-like” feel in your own home bathroom. They are also much more durable than real wood and stone, as well as being cheaper and easier to have installed.

Bright Color “Pops”

No longer do your bathroom tiles have to be a completely uniform, bland color all around. Though you may choose to stay with a somewhat classic color, many of today’s top Tampa Bay tile contractors have begun working with their clients to add in what is called a “pop” of color. Instead of installing a bland, neutral color tile throughout your entire bathroom, or going with the completely opposite look full of bright colors, these pops of color allow a happy medium. For example, you may want to install a standard off-white tile floor, but create a yellow border of tile around your entire bathroom. Then, you can tile your backsplash to match. Add in some yellow towels and other accessories, and you have a tasteful, modern bathroom that you will love.

Large Format Tiles

Gone are the days of covering your bathroom floors and walls with hundreds of tiny tiles. That’s because most of today’s bathroom tile styles involve the use of bigger tiles that will give your bathroom of more modern look. Some common sizes for these large format tiles are 12” by 12” and 12” by 24”, but they can run in sizes that are just plain huge. And as a bonus, large format tiles will leave you with significantly less grout to clean, allowing you to keep your bathroom feeling fresh without nearly as much time spent cleaning.

To speak to an experienced Tampa Bay tile contractor to discuss which bathroom tile style might be right for your home, please contact Jack O’ Trades here.


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