Modern Bathroom Design Innovations that will Wow You!

Up until relatively recently, most homeowners thought of their bathrooms as utilitarian. Rooms that needed to be practical. To serve their purpose. But not necessarily rooms that needed to incorporate modern design ideas. As a Tampa Bay bathroom remodeler, that never made any sense to me. You see, the bathroom is the one room in the home that you will definitely make use of every single day. Yes, it is there to do an important job. But if you are going to spend time in there every day, why not try to make it as comfortable as possible? Thankfully, the past decade or so has brought a change in the overall philosophy most homeowners have with regards to their bathrooms. Because of that, there have been many modern bathroom innovations that may fit your wants and needs perfectly.

Here are a few modern bathroom design concepts that will wow you! If you are interested in learning more about them, you may want to talk to your Tampa Bay bathroom remodeler to get more details.

Stay Entertained

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, we have all gotten used to being entertained no matter where we are. So why should our bathroom be any different? Talk to your contractor about having a television mounted on your bathroom wall. Or if you want to be ultra-modern, you may be able to get a television installed inside your mirror. This TV will be invisible when off, but will be visible as a beautiful HDTV once you turn it on. You can even connect it to your cable box or blu-ray player! Another way to stay entertained in your bathroom is to install a water-proof audio system. Complete the system with a wireless iPod attachment, and you can stream music throughout your entire bathroom at the touch of a finger. Imagine how relaxing that will make your baths.

Your Personal Spa

Who doesn’t love a nice spa getaway? I know I do. But what if I told you that you could make every day a spa day without even leaving the comfort of your own home? If you hire a Tampa Bay bathroom remodeler with the right type of experience, they will be able to find creative ways to get this done for you. For starters, you can get a brand new Jacuzzi bath put in. Just get in the tub after a long day at work, lay back, and let the jets massage away all of your aches and pains. You can also have your own personal sauna put in, which will help improve both your heart health and blood circulation. And to top it all off, install that bathroom audio system I mentioned to you earlier so you can recreate the relaxing music you would normally get during a trip to the spa.

High Tech Toilets

For years, there were no innovations when it came to toilets. But that has all changed. You can now get high tech toilets that do just about anything you want. For starters, you can get a new toilet with a heated seat, which seems even more useful than those heated seats many of us have had in our cars for years. Are you a germaphobe? Then how about installing a toilet where the lid opens and closes all by itself. And if you are feeling a bit more European, you may be interested in a modern toilet that also acts as a self-cleaning bidet. You can even adjust the water temperature and pressure with a touchscreen! Now that’s a bathroom design innovation if I’ve ever heard one.

To speak to an experienced Tampa Bay bathroom remodeler to discuss these and other modern bathroom design innovations that may be perfect for your home, please contact Jack O’ Trades here.