Make Sure Your Florida Tile Contractor Uses the Schluter-DITRA Membrane for Your Job

I know what you’re asking yourself. “What the heck is a Schluter-DITRA membrane?” Well, before I go into all of that, let me first talk a bit about why a tile installation job in Florida may be a little different than anywhere else. Now, if you have never heard the term “house settling,” it means that over years, certain homes begin to slowly sink into the ground. This is especially common in Florida, where the soil that homes are built on isn’t as solid as it is in some other places. This puts more strain on your home’s foundation, which will start to give way over time if not installed perfectly, leading to that damaging “house settling” thing.

One of the main problems with house settling is that it can have an adverse effect on the interior of your home, often causing your tile floor to begin to crack and pop. As a Florida tile contractor, this was always on my mind during any tile installation I did. That’s why when I discovered the Schluter-DITRA membrane, I decided to use it on all of my jobs. Since then, my clients have reported no tile cracking or popping on any job I’ve used it on. For that reason alone, you should make sure your Florida tile contractor uses a Schulter-DITRA membrane on any ceramic tile installation in your home.

Here are some of the great benefits a Schluter-DITRA membrane will provide on your tile installation:

1. Uncoupling. Most modern tile installations use thin-set mortar that bonds the tile directly to the substrate. This is the easiest and quickest way to install tile, but the lack of “give” created by this installation method is exactly the type of thing that causes your tiles to crack and pop as your house settles. But by providing a giving and slightly movable “uncoupling” layer between the two surfaces, the Schluter-DITRA membrane acts to eliminate the most common cause of problems in installations by Florida tile contractors who don’t use the membrane.

2. Waterproofing. Another one of my favorite benefits of this membrane is that it has been engineered with a polyethylene composition that protects the substrate from any moisture penetration. And as a Florida resident, I’m sure you know just how incredibly important having a waterproof home really is. Any weakness in your home that lets water slip inside can end up causing a ton of damage, which is another reason I love using the Schluter-DITRA membrane on all my tile installations. It is also why I highly recommend using the Schluter Shower System on all shower renovations.

3. Vapor Release. Sometimes, vapor can get trapped under your tiles for one reason or another. And vapor has moisture in it, which we have already established can be a huge problem for your home. That’s why the Schluter-DITRA membrane was designed with channels on its underside. These channels allow excess moisture to seep out from under the substrate, preventing future water damage to your home.

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