Job Site Challenges and Delays Your Tampa Bay Contractor May Encounter

Whether it’s a product you ordered online, a plane flight, or a new tile flooring job you purchased from a Tampa Bay contractor, there is nothing worse than paying for something and having it arrive late or be delayed. Sometimes these delays are the fault of the company you made your purchase from. But the truth is, there are plenty of times where the seller has done all they can to get you your product on time, but through no fault of their own has just been unable to accomplish that. This is sometimes the case when it comes to delays on home remodeling projects.

Now, there are definitely situations where you may hire a Tampa Bay contractor who promises you something they know they can’t deliver on time just to get the job. That is why you really need to do your research so you know what to look for when you hire someone to remodel your home. That way, you can be sure to go with a reputable company. But even if you hire the best Tampa Bay contractor out there, there is still a chance that they could run into delays caused by other parties.

Here are some examples of the types of delays that your Tampa Bay contractor may run into on your job:

Delivery Delays. Some of the material that your Tampa Bay contractor will use on your jobsite must be ordered from other companies. Things such as your new floor tiles, new appliances, granite for countertops, and more must come from someplace. Obviously, if the shipping of these items to your contractor is delayed, your project could be delayed as well. A good contractor will have contingency plans in place, but there still may be no getting around some type of delay no matter how well-prepared they are.

Material Errors. This goes hand-in-hand with delivery delays. Sometimes, your contractor will receive a shipment of materials for your job, open it up, and find out that it is wrong or short. In this case, they will have to get the distributer on the phone and push to get the right materials as fast as possible. But even if they do this, your remodeling project may still be delayed a couple days.

Permit Delays. All reputable Tampa Bay contractors should permit your remodeling project. It is required by the city, and you should require it on all necessary changes that are made to your home. However, once your contractor applies for the permit to your municipality, they must wait to get back the approved permit before they can begin work. The problem with this lies in the fact that sometimes municipalities won’t have the manpower to approve permits in the amount of time they promise. In those cases, your home remodeling job may end up being delayed at no fault to your contractor.

Change Orders. If your contractor has already started planning and ordering materials for your home remodeling job, and you as the homeowner decide to make a change to the plan, it is only natural that the job will be delayed. When these types of changes take place, you should not expect your Tampa Bay contractor to meet the old delivery date. Instead, you should ask them to give you a new date for when they will start work on your job.

These are just some of the challenges that your contractor may face that could delay your job. If you’d like talk to a Tampa Bay contractor who is experienced at dealing with these problems in order to minimize any delays on your job, please contact Jack O’ Trades here.