Have Your Tampa Bay Flooring Contractor Rip Up Your Old Carpet and Modernize

Photo by Jake Sutton via cc

As you may have noticed, a major home flooring trend over the past few years has been the move away from carpeting and into more modern surfaces such as wood flooring and tile floors. There are many reasons this has become so popular in Florida, starting with the fact that most people find these solid surfaces more aesthetically pleasing. But the advantages don’t end there. In general, wood and tile surfaces are easier to clean and more resistant to wear and tear. They work great in areas like your kitchen, bathroom, and living room, while also acting to create a perfect environment and ambiance in your bedroom.

So, is now the time to have a Tampa Bay flooring contractor rip up your old carpet and replace it with one of these more modern surfaces? In many cases, the answer to this question is obvious. That’s because carpet can easily pick up unsightly stains, creases, and tears over the years that can truly ruin the look of your home. And even if your carpet isn’t on its last legs, it is still a good idea to seriously consider ripping it up and modernizing the flooring in your home, even if you only choose to do so in the common rooms. This will leave you with a happier daily living experience, while also increasing the value of your home.

Once you’ve decided to rip up your old carpet and have your Tampa Bay flooring contractor replace it with a more modern surface, the next question is which surface should you choose for your home? Wood flooring and tile floors both have many advantages to consider when making this important decision.

Wood Flooring

If you are looking to create a modern-but-warm feel in your home, wood flooring should be the first surface you seriously consider. With tons of colors, materials, shapes, and patterns available, you should have no problem finding something that fits the exact look you desire. But your options don’t end there. You should also discuss with your Tampa Bay flooring contractor whether you want to have them install real hardwood, engineered wood, or wood laminate floors, all of which have their own advantages. On the high end, going with the real hardwood option will leave you with breathtaking, natural floors. But if you’d like to save some money, but still get that modern wood feel, you may want to look into wood laminate. These fiber tiles are not actually made of wood at all, but look just like the real thing, cost less than real wood, and are incredibly durable.

Tile Floors

The other great modern flooring surface available today is tile. With material types that range from ceramic to porcelain to travertine, and more, you should have no problem finding a style that makes you happy. Choosing to install tile floors also leaves you with a lot of design flexibility. You can go with a more traditional look in rooms like your bathroom, or modernize with current day trends such as large format tiles. You may also want to try designing a single row of tiles in a different color that you can match other accessories like you shower curtain or towels to. This is called a “pop of color,” and is very current and modern. And the best part about tile floors is that since there are so many materials and options, it is almost always possible to find a style you like that fits your budget.

To talk to an experienced Tampa Bay Flooring contractor about the possibility of having them rip up your old carpet and replace it with a modern alternative that you will love, please contact the professionals at Jack O’ Trades here.