Gas Powered Appliances: The New Tampa Bay Home Remodeling Trend

Photo by Nancy Hugo via cc

When it comes to home remodeling, every year seems to bring different trends. From modernized kitchen styles, to this year’s most “in” color choices, to popular flooring types for your home remodeling project, being up-to-date and in-style is something that is appealing to most homeowners. But as a remodeling contractor, I have noticed another new Tampa Bay home remodeling trend that is starting to pick up steam in 2013. That trend is for homeowners to want new gas powered appliances, specifically gas stoves, vent hoods, and gas-powered tankless water heaters installed in their homes. I, for one, think that this is a trend that is here to stay. Here’s why:

Benefits of Gas Appliances

Obviously, the trendy nature of a product is reason enough alone for some people to want it. But with gas powered appliances, there are real benefits that extend beyond any type of “cool factor.” Take gas stoves for example, which are just out and out better for cooking than electric stoves. They heat up faster, and provide the most accurate cooking temperatures. They also distribute the heat more evenly and accurately, resulting in an all-around better cooking experience over an electrical cooktop. Gas stoves are also more energy efficient, which is not only great for the environment, but will also save you on your monthly utility bills. Because of that, you may even qualify for rebates if you have a remodeling contractor install one in your home. And as a bonus that is specifically important in Florida, if you lose power after something like a hurricane, you will still be able to use your stove! With your gas stove, you will also probably want to have a vent hood installed. These hoods are not only a beautiful, modern addition to any kitchen, but they also act to remove smells and harmful chemicals from the air as you cook.

Another gas powered appliance that has really gained in popularity over the past few years is the tankless water heater. And as a home contractor, I think that this would be a great addition to any house. First off, you will never find yourself waiting for your shower to heat up or running out of hot water when you still have shampoo in your hair, because tankless gas water heaters are hot on demand. They also provide you with cleaner water since there is no tank to get rusty or build up deposits in. Add that to the significant energy and utility savings a tankless water heater will provide you with, and they will literally pay for themselves!

Why You Need the Right Tampa Bay Home Remodeling Contractor for Your Gas Appliance Installation

Any time you have any renovations done to your home, it is important that you hire an experienced Tampa Bay remodeling contractor to do the work. But this is all the more vital when you are having gas appliances installed in your home. And because gas appliances are such a new and emerging trend in Florida, there are not a ton of contractors out there that have done this type of work. There are a lot of intricacies to gas appliance installations, starting with the fact that they must adhere to some pretty stringent codes in order to pass permitting and be considered a legal install. From what I’ve found, the most important thing for your contractor to have experience with is “makeup air.” Believe it or not, your vent hood fan is actually removing air from your kitchen. And depending on the amount of air it’s taking out (measured in CFMs, or cubic feet per meter), codes dictate that this air must be replaced with “makeup air.” This is incredibly important for both your health and for making your new gas appliance installation pass permitting, so I would recommend asking any contractor you are considering for the job to show you examples of similar work they have done in the past.

To learn more about the advantages of having gas appliances installed in your home, contact an experienced Tampa Bay home remodeling contractor here for more details or to schedule a free estimate.