Beautiful tongue-and-groove Cypress patio ceiling remodel

Moisture-damaged drywall on patio ceiling

One of the persistent issues we have found that our clients need help with is cracked and peeling drywall in exterior spaces or ceilings. Exposed exterior drywall in Florida is never a good bet with our never-ending humidity. Yet, it continues to be installed outdoors as a cheap, “someone else can deal with it” approach which we frequently find is the standard Florida way of dealing with many repairs and even new installations.

Some home builders will paint the drywall to protect it. Some will skip that step to save a few bucks. Either way, eventually the paint will crack and the drywall will be exposed and subjected to moisture.

This patio ceiling was a good–or bad, rather–example of what happens to drywall over time in Florida. The patio ceiling had begun to peel off virtually everywhere. Not only was it aesthetically unappealing, but the nails holding it up were rusted, causing a potential injury from falling drywall.

Our solution for this client, and our general preference for this type of project, was to replace the drywall with tongue-and-groove Cypress planking. The reason we prefer Cypress is because it is readily available, fast-growing, local, and withstands humidity well.

After: tongue and groove Cypress patio ceiling

But there are several other options that can be used for this type of project. Other choices are: pre-stained wood, pine, smaller width boards, and wood panels, to name a few. The boards can be painted, stained or left natural, as this client preferred.

This client was very happy with their visually upgraded and more environmentally appropriate patio ceiling as it turned out beautiful.